Maximize Your Money From Doing Live Shows


The live show is the most important factor in an emcee’s income whether they are banging on buckets on the side of the street or headlining nationwide tours.  No matter how much technology and the internet grows there will always be a demand for actual human experience.

Mastering the art of the live show should be one of the top focuses for independent emcees.  Booking shows, negotiating price, promotion, making a killer performance, selling merchandise, and creating future business are all skills that anyone can get good at, and we will cover tips and topics to help create your own strategy.  If this clown below can make 35,000 per show then you should feel confident as well:


How To Record Better Hip Hop Albums and Why You Should Avoid Buying a Microphone with Old Beer Cans

The first time I tried recording my rhymes was terrible….. I mean really awful.  The lyrics were amazing (I mean duh) but the actual recording quality was garbage.

When I was a senior in college I saved all the beer cans from the parties that we had at my place for a couple months and took […]

Get Your Music In Front of 300,000 Hip Hop Fans Right Now

Let’s assume you’ve already taken the time to create a solid recording and/or video that can be found places like YouTube and Soundcloud.  (So if you bought a $30 computer mic from Best Buy to record your latest hit, then the rest of the information does not apply.  Trust me I know from personal experience)…..

There […]